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Freeze-dried food products is a good idea for everybody who wants to eat a little bit healthier, because 100% natural snacks gives you energy, vitamins and will remind you hot summer days!
Freeze drying or lyophilization is the gold standard for product drying. Frost and vacuum are used in the process, which leads water evaporation straight from ice to vapor, without entering a liquid phase. Passing the liquid phase saves the structure of the product, therefore we get wonderful flavors and best possible nutritional value of dried berries, fruits, vegetables, and many more!
 Natural and nutritious: after the harvest in the highest nutritional value, products are processed - all nutrients are saved
 Real flavors: the flawless taste and smell of freeze dried products will let you enjoy real summer flavors all year long
 Crunchy and light: freeze dried products gain pleasant crunchiness and are super light in weight, very convenient on the go